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Why Affiliates and Publishers Love Promoting Cosmic Compatibility Profiles...

  • 1 Conversions

    With the powerful engagement built in to the Cosmic Compatibility Profile system, people love to just continue the relationship by buying their Full Cosmic Compatibility Profile and seeing what's next (which happens to include 3 upsells!)
  • 2 Residual Income

    Like you, we like leverage. We want to work once and get paid over and over again. Plus, with a system that just makes sense to continue to provide value to our members on an ongoing basis, everyone wins!
  • 3 Value

    We're not overcharging people for hype and fluff. We've got incredible, addictive information that's fun, empowering and priced right. That leads to happy clients and of course, an attractive offer to begin with which sure helps conversions :-)
  • 4 World Wide Appeal

    Hey, how many people have you met that don't know their Astrology sign? (I'm a Virgo). Cosmic Compatibility Profile is like that - everyone is going to want to know their Cosmic Compatibility Profile. And we can sell in 190 countries so the world is your market. The only question is how many people can you introduce to it so you earn the commissions?
  • 5 Testing & Tweaking

    We know we're not perfect, and we know marketing changes all the time. So we're staying on top of what's working out there and making the changes needed to stay on top of the game - and to make sure we're making the most out of the traffic you send us. We're definitely in it for the win-win!
  • 6 Affiliate Support

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    We did mention we use Clickbank.com right? While it costs us a little more, having them as a 3rd party handle the payouts makes life simpler for you and us. They've built their reputation by paying affiliates on time, every time for 17 years. Can't get much more guaranteed than that.

Start earning instant and residual commissions NOW! Register below to become the next Cosmic Compatibility Profile affiliate...

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